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The Game

Terra Mystica Schachtel, Feuerland Spiele Terra Mystica is a strategy game for 2 to 5 players designed by Helge Ostertag and Jens Drögemüller.
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The Publisher

Terra Mystica has been published by Feuerland Spiele. Feuerland Spiele Logo

The second edition is ready, and a number of translations as well!

An English/French edition by Z-Man/Filosofia
A Dutch edition by White Goblin Games
A Polish/Czech edition by Bard/Mindok
A Japanese edition by TendaysGames


Witches, Halflings and Dwarves are not only exciting to play, they are also going extremly well on a t-shirt! T-Shirt Halbing, Terra Mystica
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The World of Terra Mystica

The conference of the Council of Elders had been interrupted by a deafening turmoil.

"The Witches! The Witches!" a young voice was shouting, and fists were knocking on the door of the assembly hall at which the ancestors of the Chaos Magicians had met. Finally, the door had been opened, and a young female magician came rushing into the hall. "I've seen them!" she was shouting gaspingly. The stern looks of the elders made her pause.

Düsterlinge, Terra Mystica

Fakire, Terra Mystica

Giganten, Terra Mystica

"How dare you break in on our conference?" the venerable spokeswoman of the Council of Elders sharply rebuked the disturber. "And if this is really important, then talk to us reasonably. What did you see?"

Shara Nindee, the young Chaos Magician, took a deep breath and made herself report everything that she saw, one at a time. "I've been to the south, on the edge of the forest. There's Witches everywhere. They're riding their stupid broom sticks above our heads, then landing in the southern forest. And their number is still growing! They're about to settle here!"

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