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When taking the „Transform and Build“ action, you may skip one Terrain or River space by paying 1 more Priest (Carpet Flight). Get 4 Victory points each time when doing a Carpet Flight. In the final Area scoring, any Structures that can be reached via Carpet Flight are considered connected (regardless of the number of your leftover Priests).


After building the Stronghold, you may now skip 2 Terrain, or 2 River spaces, or one each when doing a Carpet Flight. (This also affects the final Area scoring.)

The Fakirs' faction board, Terra MysticaThe Fakirs' faction board


Fakirs have reduced their physical needs to a minimum and tremendously improved their spiritual forces. Their spirit rules over matter in such a way that they are able to levitate things like carpets. Carpets are very convenient flying devices when you know how to operate them. In contrast to brooms, they are capable of transporting load. Fakirs prefer to live in deserts as these comply with their meditative lifestyle due to the desert's considerable lack of plants and animals.
By Kay-Viktor Stegemann

Fakirs, Terra Mystica

Fakirs, Terra Mystica

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