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You may trade 1 Victory point for 1 Coin, or 2 Coins for 1 Victory Point anytime and any number of times (Sorcerer’s Stone).


After building the Stronghold, immediately and only once gain 12 Power. From now on, gain 2 Power for each Spade you get throughout the remainder of the game (regardless of the way you get the Spade).

The Alchemists' faction board, Terra MysticaThe Alchemists' faction board


Alchemists strive for a deeper knowledge of the elements forming the world and how to use them for their purposes. They know how to create gold – the process, however, is very elaborate and is only worth its while when you really need that gold. Alchemists prefer to settle in Swamps as these provide a steady supply of sulfur and other reagents.
By Kay-Viktor Stegemann

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