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Get 5 additional Victory points when founding a Town.


After building the Stronghold, take an Action token. As a Spe‘ al action (once per Action phase), you may build 1 Dwelling on an unoccupied Forest space. Neither pay 1 Worker, nor 2 Coins for this Dwelling. For this build only, ignore the adjacency rule. You may build on any free Forest space as long as it has been Forest at the beginning of this Action (Witches’ Ride). (Thus, you may not transform a Terrain space beforehand.) Use the Action token to keep track of using this Special action.

The Witches' faction board, Terra MysticaThe Witches' faction board


Witches live in the woods, but they also dominate the air. Riding their brooms, they fly from place to place. This is why a forest that has never seen a Witch before all of a sudden may become full of Witches. Witches are sociable, so they gladly join up in large Witch towns, where they keep trading love potions and portable curses with each other.
By Kay-Viktor Stegemann

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