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You always pay exactly 2 Spades to transform a Terrain space into your Home terrain - even for Mountains and Deset. (A single Spade will be forfeit when gained in Phase II as a Cult bonus.)


After building the Stronghold, take an Action token. As a Special action (once per Action phase), get 2 free Spades to transform a reachable Terrain space into your Home terrain. On this space, you may immediately build a Dwelling by paying its costs. Use the Action token to keep track of using this Special action.

The Giants' faction board, Terra MysticaThe Giants' faction board


Giants are beings of enormous size and physical strength. They can pull out trees or level out mountains with ease as a matter of fact, they actually enjoy it. They are able to transform any landscape into wasteland in no time. Various Giants have already tried to transform land into something else, but it ended up being wasteland anyway. Apparently, they simply have no knack for the finer things.
By Kay-Viktor Stegemann

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