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You may skip one River space when founding a Town. (You decide if and when you want to use this ability. When founding a Town in this fashion, put the Town tile on the skipped River space. Of course, you may build Bridges as usual.)


After building the Stronghold, immediately and only once move forward 1 space on the Shipping track. Neither pay 1 Priest, nor 4 Coins for this movement. (Take the rewards associated with the new level as indicated on your Faction board.)

The Mermaids' faction board, Terra MysticaThe Mermaids' faction board


Mermaids are lovely water creatures inhabiting the waters of Terra Mystica and traveling by its rivers. Deceived by their charm, many a landsman has forgotten that the Mermaids preferably would like to transform Terra Mystica into a world of water. Mermaids are able to split their fishtail into two legs and traverse through land; however, they only do so when going to flood it with water, or when they need building materials for their floating cities.
By Kay-Viktor Stegemann

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