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When taking the „Transform and Build“ action, you may skip one Terrain or River space by paying 2 more Workers (Tunneling). Get 4 Victory points each time when Tunneling. You have no Shipping. In the final Area scoring, any Structures that can be reached via Tunneling are considered connected (regardless of the number of your leftover Workers).


After building the Stronghold, only pay 1 more Worker instead of 2 when Tunneling.

The Dwarves' faction board, Terra MysticaThe Dwarves' faction board


Dwarves are always on a hunt for treasures and valuable ores, thus engage in, non-stop burrowing in soil. Their mines are usually located in the mountains, but in the heat of digging, they sometimes end up digging underneath a neighboring area. Even if this is inhabited, its inhabitants most often will only notice when the Dwarves all of a sudden appear on the other side of that area. Dwarves go through so much soil that they are able to form new mountains from the spoil, so that future generations of Dwarves may dig through these all over again.
By Kay-Viktor Stegemann

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